NAPA Spring 2015

Congratulations to our spring 2015 NAPA League team winners.  For only the second time ever the same team won both 8-ball and 9-ball.  Congratulations to 4 Men and a Lady – unfortunately the lady was not present for the picture.  Taking Second in 8-ball was Strokers not Pokers and taking second in 9-ball was Bus Boyz.

Also congratulations to Bog Grignon – 9-ball top shot and Joe Myers 8-ball top shot.

Summer league starts Wednesday, April 29.  Practice starts at 5:30PM and play starts at 7PM.  Come and join the fun!!

Four Men and a Lady

4 Men and a Lady 003

Strokers not Pokers

Strokers not Pokers 002

Bus Boyz
Bus Boyz 001