Tom Acciavatti Takes Spring 2014 Straight Pool League Crown


Tom Acciavatti bounced back from a long winter and a leg injury to claim the top spot in Diamond Eight’s Spring 2014 Straight Pool flight. The 15-week session saw seven players compete for prizes for the top three places and a wild card. It was a closer race than the scores seem to indicate with just a few matches making a big difference, especially in the last two weeks of the flight.


John Cromie and Mike Fitch’s battle for second came down to the last week. After a strong start, John seemed to lose his footing while Mike played confidently throughout to finish in second place behind Tom. John Cromie finished third. Longtime league member Frank Bogardus placed fourth after a strong session. Jim Graziane won the Wild Card drawing. Special thanks to all the guys for playing and being great sports throughout the flight, and for the past six years.

Final Standings

  1. Tom Acciavatti (70)
  2. Mike Fitch (62)
  3. John Cromie (53)
  4. Frank Bogardus (38)
  5. Steve Hathaway (36) (tie)
  6. Jim Graziane (36) (tie)
  7. Doug Shaffer (35)

Thanks again for a fun flight!

Straight Pool league starts Thursday, May 1

New Straight Pool league flight starts Thursday, May 1! Practice starts at 6pm!


  • Practice at 6pm; play at 7pm.
  • Handicapped Straight Pool!
  • 7 to 12 players per division.
  • Round robin format runs from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on # of players

How much?

  • $15. registration fee
  • $15. weekly dues ($5. table time, $8. prize fund, $2. league fee)


  • Straight Pool is a great game and is making a comeback!
  • No teams to worry about. More flexibility.
  • Score sheets are simple!


  • Thursday nights at 7pm.
  • First night players’ meeting will be held at 6:45pm, with play immediately following. Free practice at 6pm, business permitting. League matches average ~2.5 hours. Matches can be rescheduled by individuals.

Skill levels & Points

  • Skill levels for each player will be assigned by the league operator. Players with established handicaps in other leagues can expect to be ranked accordingly.
  • Players can receive points for a win or loss and handicaps will be adjusted after each match.

How do you play?

  • Straight Pool (or 14.1 Continuous) is a game of calling each ball
  • in a pocket with no regard to solids/stripes or numerical order.
  • Every object ball that is legally pocketed is worth 1 point. The shooter’s inning continues until the player misses or commits a foul. 1 point is subtracted for each foul committed.
  • Once 14 object balls are pocketed, those 14 balls are re-racked (head ball will be missing). The shooter then aims to pocket the 15th ball and break the rack to continue pocketing balls.
  • Each rack is worth 14 points. The first player to reach the designated point goal for the game wins the game.

Straight Pool League results, Spring 2013

Congrats to John Fitch and Doug Shaffer who placed 1st and 2nd in points respectively in the 2013 edition of Diamond Eight’s straight pool league.

Photo May 09, 6 52 40 PM

John had a great flight, and scored points every week in the session (no zeros!). Nice shooting!


in the first round of playoffs, Mike Fitch was able to edge out his brother by a slim margin of 5 points! Doug took on 3rd place Gino Burdujan but could not get past Gino who advanced by 8 balls. In the finals, Gino and Mike played pretty evenly, with both players making some incredible shots, including some tough combination and “out of the pack”shots. However, Mike lost steam towards the end of the match and Gino was able to win 120-93 to win the session trophy.

Photo May 23, 9 16 34 PM

Final point standings:

  1. John Fitch (71)
  2. Doug Shaffer (70)
  3. Gino Burdujan (64)
  4. Mike Fitch (59)
  5. Jim Graziane (53)
  6. Steve Hathaway (51)
  7. Frank Bogardus (40)
  8. Ed Skawinski (40)

Mike Fitch wins Winter Straight Pool Flight!

It was another tight race for the top spot of Diamond Eight’s Straight Pool league Winter Flight. Mike Fitch was able to hold off Jim Graziane by 3 points to take first place. Frank Bogardus was able to survive a late surge by Gino Burdujan to take 3rd place. The 15-week flight finished up on January 3rd and the final results are below:

  1. Mike Fitch (70)
  2. Jim Graziane (67)
  3. Frank Bogardus (62)
  4. Gino Burdujan (58)
  5. Ron Palka (52)
  6. Steve Hathaway (51)

Top 3

Thanks to all the players for another fun session!