Straight Pool League results, Spring 2013

Congrats to John Fitch and Doug Shaffer who placed 1st and 2nd in points respectively in the 2013 edition of Diamond Eight’s straight pool league.

Photo May 09, 6 52 40 PM

John had a great flight, and scored points every week in the session (no zeros!). Nice shooting!


in the first round of playoffs, Mike Fitch was able to edge out his brother by a slim margin of 5 points! Doug took on 3rd place Gino Burdujan but could not get past Gino who advanced by 8 balls. In the finals, Gino and Mike played pretty evenly, with both players making some incredible shots, including some tough combination and “out of the pack”shots. However, Mike lost steam towards the end of the match and Gino was able to win 120-93 to win the session trophy.

Photo May 23, 9 16 34 PM

Final point standings:

  1. John Fitch (71)
  2. Doug Shaffer (70)
  3. Gino Burdujan (64)
  4. Mike Fitch (59)
  5. Jim Graziane (53)
  6. Steve Hathaway (51)
  7. Frank Bogardus (40)
  8. Ed Skawinski (40)

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