Straight Pool League


Please call Diamond Eight at 786-8048 for more info, or come in on Thursday, September 4th between at 6pm to get started!

Current Flight, September- December 2014


  • Handicapped Straight Pool!
  • Diamond Eight acts as local league operator and uses its own handicapping and scoring system.

How much?

  • $15. registration fee
  • $15. weekly dues ($5. table time, $8. prize fund, $2. league fee)


Thursday nights, at 7pm, with free practice at 6pm. Matches average about two to three hours.


  • Straight Pool is a great game and is making a comeback!
  • No teams to worry about. Individual play. More flexibility for make-up matches.
  • Score sheets are simple! (handicaps, final score) and are handled in-house; no mailing of paperwork!
  • Diamond Eight will act as “league operator” to collect score sheets and update handicaps.
  • Win cash!

How do you play?

Straight Pool (or 14.1 Continuous) is a game of calling each ball in a pocket with no regard to solids/stripes or numerical order. Every object ball that is legally pocketed is worth 1 point. The shooter’s inning continues until the player misses or commits a foul. 1 point is subtracted for each foul committed. Once 14 object balls are pocketed, those 14 balls are re-racked (head ball will be missing). The shooter then aims to pocket the 15th ball and break the rack to continue pocketing balls. Each rack is worth 14 points. The first player to reach the designated point goal for the game wins the game. See the detailed rules on the BCA web site.