Straight Pool league starts Thursday, May 1

New Straight Pool league flight starts Thursday, May 1! Practice starts at 6pm!


  • Practice at 6pm; play at 7pm.
  • Handicapped Straight Pool!
  • 7 to 12 players per division.
  • Round robin format runs from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on # of players

How much?

  • $15. registration fee
  • $15. weekly dues ($5. table time, $8. prize fund, $2. league fee)


  • Straight Pool is a great game and is making a comeback!
  • No teams to worry about. More flexibility.
  • Score sheets are simple!


  • Thursday nights at 7pm.
  • First night players’ meeting will be held at 6:45pm, with play immediately following. Free practice at 6pm, business permitting. League matches average ~2.5 hours. Matches can be rescheduled by individuals.

Skill levels & Points

  • Skill levels for each player will be assigned by the league operator. Players with established handicaps in other leagues can expect to be ranked accordingly.
  • Players can receive points for a win or loss and handicaps will be adjusted after each match.

How do you play?

  • Straight Pool (or 14.1 Continuous) is a game of calling each ball
  • in a pocket with no regard to solids/stripes or numerical order.
  • Every object ball that is legally pocketed is worth 1 point. The shooter’s inning continues until the player misses or commits a foul. 1 point is subtracted for each foul committed.
  • Once 14 object balls are pocketed, those 14 balls are re-racked (head ball will be missing). The shooter then aims to pocket the 15th ball and break the rack to continue pocketing balls.
  • Each rack is worth 14 points. The first player to reach the designated point goal for the game wins the game.

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