Tom Acciavatti Takes Spring 2014 Straight Pool League Crown


Tom Acciavatti bounced back from a long winter and a leg injury to claim the top spot in Diamond Eight’s Spring 2014 Straight Pool flight. The 15-week session saw seven players compete for prizes for the top three places and a wild card. It was a closer race than the scores seem to indicate with just a few matches making a big difference, especially in the last two weeks of the flight.


John Cromie and Mike Fitch’s battle for second came down to the last week. After a strong start, John seemed to lose his footing while Mike played confidently throughout to finish in second place behind Tom. John Cromie finished third. Longtime league member Frank Bogardus placed fourth after a strong session.┬áJim Graziane won the Wild Card drawing. Special thanks to all the guys for playing and being great sports throughout the flight, and for the past six years.

Final Standings

  1. Tom Acciavatti (70)
  2. Mike Fitch (62)
  3. John Cromie (53)
  4. Frank Bogardus (38)
  5. Steve Hathaway (36) (tie)
  6. Jim Graziane (36) (tie)
  7. Doug Shaffer (35)

Thanks again for a fun flight!

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