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Diamond Eight opens at 5pm Monday through Thursday and at noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We close at 1AM Sunday through Thursday and at 2AM Friday and Saturday.

See you soon!

NAPA Spring 2015

Congratulations to our spring 2015 NAPA League team winners.  For only the second time ever the same team won both 8-ball and 9-ball.  Congratulations to 4 Men and a Lady – unfortunately the lady was not present for the picture.  Taking Second in 8-ball was Strokers not Pokers and taking second in 9-ball was Bus Boyz.

Also congratulations to Bog Grignon – 9-ball top shot and Joe Myers 8-ball top shot.

Summer league starts Wednesday, April 29.  Practice starts at 5:30PM and play starts at 7PM.  Come and join the fun!!

Four Men and a Lady

4 Men and a Lady 003

Strokers not Pokers

Strokers not Pokers 002

Bus Boyz
Bus Boyz 001